Wondering Why Your First Dates Fail?

First dates must be the most difficult of them all. No one wants to go through with them, but if you don’t what would your dating life be?

You’re probably asking yourself by now, “I go on so many first dates, why don’t they ever work out?”. Well here are some reasons why, and you may have never noticed you do them.

1. Talk about your ex

Talking about your ex on the first date, or any past relationships for that matter? BIG NO NO!!!

2. Bringing up future plans for the relationship

It’s only the first date… SLOW DOWN. First dates are meant for getting to know each other and determining whether you want a second one, not for planning a future!

3. Being rude to the staff

You may not notice, but everyone else does. Being rude to the staff wherever your date is, is a big TURN OFF!!!

4. Swear too much

Although it may be part of your vocabulary, it might not be in someone else’s. Beware of what language you use around others, and ‘test the waters’ before using vulgar language.

5. Only talk about yourself

Hmm… what words could we use to describe this person? Egotistical, self-centered, self-absorbed, that’s only a few. DON’T be that person!

Now that you have some ideas on why your first dates fail, you must determine what ones you do.

Look at the list and think, “do I swear too much?”, “am I rude to staff?”, think back to those first date moments and it could narrow down some reasons why your first dates never work out.

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