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Okay, so youve figured out what you want out of your current dating life. Good for you! Now what? Well, once youve actually asked out a person you like, now you have to propose a date. While we have nothing against dinners, coffee dates, Netflix and chill, a walk in the park, or a movie, in this article well be going beyond these old standbys to suggest to you some fun dating activities based on your dating goals! None of these categories are exclusive, so that means its super convenient that if you like someone you will probably end up going on more than one date. These also dont have to be first date ideas. You can still grab a quick coffee first to see if youre compatible, but most of these are also great as a first date option as most can be done in under two hours. Read on to find out more!

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If you want a fun fling you should

Take your date axe throwing! Axe throwing is like bowling or darts, just way cooler. You rent a lane and usually can select from a variety of axes from small single-handers to two-handed giant axes. The goal is to hit some target at the end of the lane and collect points. Dont worry, your safety will be protected and a staff person will help you get started. These sorts of places often still have or are very near food and drink, but its a great opportunity to get your blood pumping and have a good laugh. Try a small axe or a big one, and admire your dates prowess (or lack thereof!)

If youre looking for adventure you should 

Try a hike in a local national or provincial park. Many of these parks have free parking, but some require day passes in advance.  These passes are often also free or sometimes are available through your local library for free even if there is a charge. Check out your local provincial park website or Parks Canada for national parks. Parks have all varieties of trails of different difficulty levels, and at all lengths from the quick 100m walk from the parking lot to a beautiful waterfall, to multi-hour or multi-day 20+km excursions. Select something that works for you and your date, but you can have a great day regardless of your fitness level or the amount of time you have. Remember to pack water and print off a map in advance as you might not have cell service. At least you wont have to worry about your date being on their phone the whole time!

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If youre looking for a rebound you should

Try something physical! What might be available to you will depend on where you live but we recommend things like an indoor obstacle or ninja warrior courses, rock climbing wall,  trampoline park, or high ropes course. These things can bring out a bit of a competitive edge, but youve overcome one obstacle, why not show off for your date a bit? Getting active is a great way to trigger happy endorphins, and the focus on activity can help you be fully in the moment and get to know your date in a way where the stress is not on relationships either past or present, but on meeting the challenge in front of you. Usually these activities are geared towards beginners, or have multiple levels, so dont worry if you arent a huge fitness buff. Most of these activities are also something that can be done in an hour or two, so its not as big of a commitment as you might think!

If youre looking for a BFF you should

Try out an escape room! There are all sorts of escape rooms these days, and you can usually select your difficulty, as well as pick between rooms that are more puzzle-focused or more story-focused. It might sound scary being locked in the same room as a new date, but youre never actually locked in (there are staff monitoring the rooms the whole time youre in there and there are always multiple exits) and most rooms take at most an hour. Besides, the (fun!) stress of an escape room is a great way to see if you and your date are compatible under pressure. If youre looking for that ride-or-die person for you, this is a great way to figure out if they are the one. 

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If youre looking for a life mate you should

Okay, were kind of going to break our rule here. If you want a lifemate, we do think you should probably go to a restaurant or bar, because you want the focus to be on deep conversation and getting to know your potential future partner. BUT, it could be pretty cool if you took your date to a restaurant or bar on a night they offer trivia! Trivia comes in all shapes and sizes, but usually there will be a few local bars and restaurants who offer it often on a less busy night like a Tuesday or a Wednesday. With trivia theres plenty of time for chitchat in between rounds and it can help spark personal questions and stories in a how did you know that?! kind of way. Plus, win or lose, youre setting yourselves up as being on the same team and that is a huge opportunity for bonding.

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