Three Technology Tips for Dating

I assume that if youre reading an article about dating on the internet, you are not one of the few who are still kicking and screaming about making connections online. Technology is a part of dating in so many ways than just how you meet people (dating apps, social media) and how you communication (dating apps, social media, texting, messaging). So why not lean into it? Here are four tips for how you can use technology for the benefit of you and your relationship and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

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  1. Set expectations around technology use

When you start dating you should set expectations around technology use both on dates and in between dates. This includes asking each other questions like do you mind if I use my phone while we are together? Do you mind if I post pictures of you publicly on social media? It can also include asking things about how regularly your partner checks their phone and various social media apps that you might use for messaging. 

A phone can be an important part of your date, but if youre on your phone all the time, it can signal to your date that you arent interested. Having a discussion about these boundaries and expectations can set you up to make sure your digital habits are compatible and you know what youre getting into! Having clear expectations about phone and social media use and sticking to them can also be an important way to show respect to your partner.

  1. Use technology to coordinate

Dont be afraid to use technology to your advantage when it comes to coordinating dates! Early on, you can use features in google maps to share exact locations of date or meet-up spots, or temporarily share your location through Facebook messenger if you are in a crowded location. While we dont advocate constantly sharing your location with anyone (let alone a new dating prospect!) a temporary share can be super helpful to make sure your connection doesnt become a missed connection. 

Similarly, after youve established some trust in the relationship, coordinating dates and hang-outs can be made much easier by sharing your calendar with your prospective date. This is an easy way to help them understand your schedule without endless messaging back-and-forth to schedule things.

  1. Use technology to connect

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Remember that technology can be a valuable way to connect with your dating partner. You can make digital collages of cute moments you have shared together, or craft a Spotify playlist (something tailored to their tastes, or as a way to share your favourite songs!). These are free and easy ways to create little digital gifts and get to know each other better. Also dont be afraid to jump on (safe!) trends and challenges, or send posts about potential date spots to each other. These can all be fun ways to deepen your connections to each other.

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