8 Red Flags in A Profile

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Red flags in a dating profile.

Who has them?

How do we even find them? 

Most importantly How the heck do we avoid them?

Urban dictionary defines a red flag as, a sign or warning of impending danger, disaster or doom. [Urban Dictionary]

So how does this translate to a dating profile? Well, a profile wont tell you absolutely everything about a person, but it will help guide you towards (or away) from a potential match.

If youre feeling nervous, dont worry. We are going to compile the 8 Biggest Red Flags in a profile. While this isnt an all-encompassing bible, it will help you sort through the flakes.

The Mystery Profile

Have you ever found a profile without a photo? Or instead of a glossy headshot, you see a meme or a cartoon? Errm – no photos is a big red flag. With most of us having access to smartphones and laptops, the no-photo flag is a one I generally avoid. Pro tip: dont fall for any of the following excuses such as, I just didnt have time! or, I dont take selfies.

Uploading a decent photo is a sign that you have good dating habits, and proves that you are committed to putting in the minimum amount of effort. If someone isnt ready to do that, its a big red flag, baby. It gives the impression that they are hiding something or at least, showing some very shady behaviour.

The Empty Profile

Emojis dont count. When a profile is empty, it screams that someone isnt operating seriously. If they had time to download the app, they had time to fill out a profile. (Yes, even a few measly sentences.) Period.

The Super-Short Profile

Does the profile only have one activity listed? A one-liner that isnt so great? I find short-profiles a red flag because again, a lack of effort means they arent looking for anything serious. Look for someone who puts effort into their profile and photos, and is willing to send thoughtful messages.

The Party Person

Unless you’re looking for a partner to hit the Vegas strip, I would avoid anybody who only shows photos of them with a drink in their hand. Do they only have snaps from the club? A good partner is someone who is well-rounded, and activities and hobbies make a relationship healthy and long-lasting.

The Houdini

Are their profile pictures blurry, crowded, or otherwise mysterious? Is it hard to get a good look at their face? Do they have an odd arrangement of photos, where its hard to get a sense of who they are? Red. Flag.

The Bitter Person

If someone states they, cant find any good dates, and seems scorched from a last partner This is not the kind of person you want to invest time in. Look for positivity and optimism as green flags, and negativity as a red flag.

The Shirtless Aficionado

Theres nothing wrong with struttin your stuff. (In fact, we think its healthy to have a range of photos.) The red flag is when there are only shirtless pics. Why? Like weve said before, well-rounded profiles are the real gems.  Beware of anyone who is only focused on the physical.

& last but not least

The Overly-Polished Profile

We love a polished profile, but when it seems too perfect? Thats a red flag. If every photo was taken professionally, the written portion describes undying love these can be signs of something fishy. Its best to trust your gut, and remember: perfection doesnt exist.

& thats it!

We hope these tips have helped our hopeful daters (or date-es) and just remember: take our advice with a grain of salt. You are the best guide to your own preferences, needs, and wants. 

So get out there, enjoy yourself, and have fun!

Here at Mate Machine, we are committed to helping you find your perfect mate.

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