How to Get Back Out There After Pandemic Isolation

The pandemic has affected a lot of people emotionally. This has been said to carry over into our dating lives (UGH). What happened during lockdowns is that the loneliness experienced during these periods can oftentimes lead to anxiety and depression. With these mental health struggles, someone might feel a lack of joy from activities that they once LOVED. In this case, going on dates and meeting new people. While depression goes hand in hand with anxiety a lot of the time, the decreased sense of joy can also coincide with heightened nerves at the thought of going on dates and potentially increasing exposure rate to COVID-19. In a study done by Sawada et al., 2017 the results showed that people who are concerned about diseases are less likely to engage with others outside of their immediate circle. This relates directly to the covid-19 pandemic in the sense of why people are more hesitant to date in these times. 

Common Signs that you are going through pandemic anxiety: 

  1. Feeling nervous, restless or tesne 

Have you been having trouble sleeping? Seems to get stressed out more easily than normal? This is a sign you could have developed anxiety during the pandemic. 

  1. Feel weak or tired

Have you had an increased need for sleep, and oftentimes even wake up feeling like you havent slept at all? 

  1. Having trouble focusing, about anything other than the problem

If your mind is being consumed by problem after problem and unable to 

With all of these things if they happen for more than 2 weeks at a time definitely consult a medical professional and seek out therapy and potential coping mechanism to get back on track <3 

It shouldnt be lost on us the effect of other people in our area and what this has on our own dating lives as well. In this sense, with more people settling down more quickly and coupling off there are fewer options when going back to explore the dating world. This is just an inevitable effect that lockdown has had on the dating pools in our areas. As we say here at Mate Machine everybody loves SOMEONE. Therefore, do not let this stop you from gaining back confidence and trying to find your person. 

Three Simple Steps to Accomplish this are: 

  1. Talk to friends who are going on dates and what their experiences have been like.  

Our Friends are our absolute best source of happiness and want the best for us. So being able to have them as a soundboard in these uncertain times is so essential to be able to get out of your comfort zone. 

  1. Think of ideas for dates you can go on to decrease exposure risk (a walk outside, snowshoeing etc). 

Some super cute fun date ideas would be trying out a new cafe and going for a walk on the seawall, renting bikes and doing a sea wall ride, and so so many more

  1. Go back and remember how much enjoyment you had before the pandemic going on fun dates with cool people. 

Try and think about how much fun youve had talking with others, getting ready for dates, and meeting new people before the pandemic. Im sure that examples will come up and youll learn more about yourself and the world around you. 

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