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Nicole and James were highschool sweethearts, and even after four years apart at university, they couldn’t stop thinking about each other. Nicole moved back home, and wanted to tell James she still loved him, but didn’t know how to reach out.

Maybe you’ve had an experience like this too. 

Sometimes you meet someone, and it’s just the wrong time to make the relationship work. Sometimes though, things change– you finally are in the same city again, you’ve put aside whatever kept you apart and then…. it feels so impossible to reach out.

This happens all the time with loved ones of all kinds. We know they want the best for us, and we have such fond feelings for them. Think of all the Facebook friends you think positively about but just can’t overcome the barrier to send the first message after months of not speaking for no reason in particular. Life gets in the way, you lose contact, and then it is so hard to make the first move and reconnect. These emotions are heightened when love is in the mix, and you have no idea how to overcome the hurdles of time and distance.

That’s where MateMachine comes in.

MateMachine is a dating app made to facilitate heartfelt conversations. A common piece of advice is that if there is something you want to say someone and you don’t feel like you can tell them, or write them directly, to write a letter anyways and put it away in a drawer. The act of sharing your feelings, even if it’s only with the page (or digital page!) is a powerful one. MateMachine takes this a step further.

With MateMachine, you can share your innermost thoughts with your secret crush without fear. They will receive your message if they write a similar message. This means that missed connections are no longer missed. MateMachine’s unique technology can empower you to say what is in your heart, and let you know if the other person feels the same way you do. And, if the worst happens and your secret crush doesn’t feel the same way for you? There is no risk of embarrassment or discomfort, because just like before they will never know. 

Basically, MateMachine makes sharing your feelings all upside and no downside. It means the worst that can happen if you share your feelings is that your life continues on the same as it is now. And if the best happens, and the other person loves you back? Then you get to enjoy that happily-ever-after.

You can find happiness and love.

Just like Nicole and James, you could find that your perfect match, the person you’ve been dreaming of for years, does indeed feel the same as you do. The best relationships thrive on good communication, and communication is necessary to start a relationship in the first place. MateMachine helps to facilitate that. We make it easy and risk-free for you to take the first step in the romance of your dreams. We make it easy for you to reconnect, or reach out for the first time. 

You get to experience a world where you never have to wonder what might have been.

MateMachine is a Vancouver-based Technology start-up that has invented a unique secret crush search engine that can be used for connecting with the ones that we already know and have hidden feelings for. This happens through a unique and innovative search engine and is usable by anyone.

This work was supported by Mitacs through the Mitacs Business Strategy Internship.

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