Why People Cheat

Writing this, I think about my own personal experience of being in a relationship with my Ex for over two years and finding out that he cheated on me. I felt broken, I felt betrayed, I was angry, sad, EVERYTHING. You feel an instant rush of so many emotions, and Im sad to report that this happens to many people all the time. According to Kim, from News Week, approximately 35-40% of people in non-marital relationships report being cheated on at least once (2022). This number is far too high, and a lot of the time men are reported to be the ones who are doing the deed. Lets dive into this more and uncover why it is that people cheat. 

When someone is told that theyve been cheated on, a lot of the time this comes with confusion. Confusion has to do with the other persons actions and confusion as to what they couldve done differently. The answer here has more to do with the cheater than the other person in the relationship. According to Dr Robert Weiss people cheat for 8 main reasons (2022): 

Self-Exploration: For people who need to explore repressed parts of themselves. They are looking for a quick escape and dont actually want to uproot their life, but need a break from the day-to-day. 

Insecurity: This one is self-explanatory. We’ve all been there where our friend is telling us that we don’t need them, they only did what they did because they’re insecure. However, insecurity can come from a lot of places, their family life growing up, experiences with friends, and perhaps even experiences in a relationship. Something about the relationship or lack thereof might’ve made them feel this way magnetized. Leading to them being unloyal.

Excitement Seeking: We hate to admit it. However, there’s something that has portrayed cheating as exciting and dangerous in. the media. Therefore, if someone is looking for excitement outside of the relationship this is what it may turn to. The promise of a new “forbidden” relationship. For real, some people just need to go skydiving.

Know that whatever the reason may be why someone cheats, it is never the other person’s fault. Cheaters need to be held accountable for their own actions and take control of their own life. The best thing someone who’s been cheated on can do is cut them out, and move on.

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