How To Get Over a Breakup

Lets talk about breakups- something that everyone goes through in life, however, we each have our own unique experience of them.

Break-ups hurt, whether you are breaking up with someone who isnt right for you, or on the other end being broken up with. This is never a fun situation to be in. 

Lets talk about if youre the person who just got broken up with, According to HeadSpace here are some helpful ways to get over a breakup. 

  1. Prioritize Your Space 

This means if you need to cut your ex out (social media included) do not feel guilty about this. A lot of the time after break-ups people can obsess over what their ex is up to and whether or not they should reach out or not. This also means that trying to be friends right after a break-up really isnt the best route to take. Maybe over time but definitely not now

  1. Keep Yourself Busy 

Friends and loved ones are so crucial to making sure you are not sitting at home consistently thinking about your ex. Chances are a lot of the time you would spend your free time with your ex, now that you have this free time make sure to keep your work and school priorities straight, but be able to plan fun activities that will get your mind off of your ex.

  1. Self Care 

Let me repeat this one. SELF-CARE, chances our throughout the relationship a lot of the time you were focusing on your girlfriend/boyfriend. Well now make sure to put that energy back into things that light you up and make you happy.  

With all of these things in place, if you try to practice them weekly, youll probably be able to stick to the 6-month rule according to relationship expert Lauren Peacock. Now, this rule isnt bulletproof but according to her, it should take around 6-months for every year you were with someone to fully be over them. Dont stress if you were in a 10-year-plus relationship- we heal throughout the days, weeks and months as well. Things always get easier we promise.

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