The DO’s of Online Dating Profiles

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Your online dating profile is your calling card for love. Whether or not we like to admit it (and it can be painful) but a good first impression will Fastrack you to finding a meaningful connection. While some may argue that this is a materialistic view, lets remember that dating profiles are not 3 dimensional. What does that mean for you? Its worthwhile to invest in your profile! At MateMachine, we are committed to helping you find the perfect mate.

Weve compiled our top four hints to help your profile stand out, to catapult you on your highway of love and connection.

Have high quality pictures.

High quality pictures will accurately portray you as a great catch. Consider investing in a professional photographer to capture you at your best. Aim to look natural and relaxed. If you can, have a friend take photos of you engaged in your favourite hobby. 

Be authentic.

Dont feel pressured to share activities that you dont enjoy. Do you prefer card games over night clubs? Are you more of a homebody than an adventurer? Feel emboldened to share your quirky activities, funny quirks, or unique things that make you you. 

Know what you want.

Are you looking for a long-term relationship? Or are you seeking a relationship that starts out a tad slower? Ensure that you are sharing these important desires in your profile. When you know what you want, being able to express that need will help you find quality matches. Dont feel afraid of stating exactly what you want, even if it means your potential match pool becomes smaller. While it may be disheartening, in the long-term it will ensure youre finding meaningful connections.

Be succinct.

Its great to be authentic and natural about your interests, but may we suggest that you leave the longer and deeper conversations for in-person. Remember that each person is also sifting through potential matches, and its better to give a taste, or a preview, so that they can see if theres a spark. Dont feel pressured to share a long biography of your needs and wants. Share a few important aspects that are vital to you (for example, looking for a long term relationship, or perhaps you have a cat allergy) and pepper that with an interesting detail for an engaging profile.

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By taking the time to curate your profile, you are on the path to having a great dating experience. While utilizing all of these tips would ensure a great profile, feel free to implement one or two of them. While we are having the conversation of what can help your profile, let’s talk about what you should leave off.

Here are some things that could be harming your profile.

Dont mention past relationships.

While the conversation about past relationships may naturally occur during a date, we recommend steering away from this topic in the beginning stages. If youve had a challenging relationship, or a messy breakup, its better to keep these experiences away from your profile. If you share past dating experiences, it could potentially be a turn-off to a future mate.

Do you have deal breakers? Better to keep them off your profile.

Unless its an allergy, or a lifestyle choice, try to keep your profile positive. It may be tempting (and we understand) to send a warning signal to keep bad dates away. However, we believe it could leave potential matches with an unfavourable impression of your profile. Keep things happy and positive. (Besides, you never know who you will meet!)  

Dont use low quality photos.

Like weve said before, high quality photos will leave a great impression on your potential matches. As a general rule, avoid any photos that: feature you in a crowd, where its difficult to see your face, or any photos that are blurry or cropped. 

Try to avoid negativity.

If youre feeling burnt out from the dating world, or finding the process frustrating, perhaps it would be a good time to take a healthy break. If you bring negativity into your profile, it could be a turn-off to potential mates, and it wont make you feel good. Keep your profiles light and interesting, and try to be optimistic in the game of love. Although it may feel challenging in the beginning, youll be sure to find success later down the line. Even if you don’t find a mate right away, staying positive will ensure the process will be more enjoyable!

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We hope that our tips and tricks have helped.

Here at Mate Machine, we are committed to helping you find your perfect mate.

MateMachine is a Vancouver-based Technology start-up that has invented a unique secret crush search engine that can be used for connecting with the ones that we already know and have hidden feelings for. This happens through a unique and innovative search engine and is usable by anyone.

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